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Access to Vehicle Security Related Information

The CASIS agreement acknowledged that access to vehicle security-related information was not within the scope of the agreement and would require a separate project. This was due to the US system’s applicant screening process being non-compliant with Canadian privacy laws and criminal background check procedures.

Is a Secure Screening Process that Complies with Canadian Law Required?

A Canadian Vehicle Security Professional (VSP) screening process was developed by NATA and became operational in 2012. The applicant vetting process was administered by one of NATA’s member associations and was endorsed by law enforcement, the insurance industry and Canadian automakers.

Vetted Canadian VSPs were provided with credentials to access vehicle security-related information through a reciprocal agreement with the US organization, the National Automotive Service Task Force (NASTF).

In 2018 NASTF announced that Canadians should apply to register directly through the NASTF system, bypassing the Canadian screening system. As a result, the Canadian VSP program was subsequently shut down.

Does This Meet Canadian Requirements?

NASTF has not disclosed to NATA the details of its screening process for Canadian applicants. The criminal record check is a vital component of the vetting process, and we do know that in Canada, a third party cannot obtain a criminal record check on an individual, as they can in the United States. Furthermore, sensitive information of this nature and other information we assume would be collected in the process should not be transmitted across the border, according to Canadian privacy law. What guarantees do Canadians get that their personal information is not shared with other US entities? These are questions for which Canadians should be given answers.

NATA seeks to better understand the situation in order to ensure Canadians are protected in full compliance with Canadian law. On behalf of Canadian automotive professionals, NATA is consulting with the CASIS Task Force, the federal government, major automotive associations, and other stakeholders. If you have any comments, please contact us.

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