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The Canadian Automotive Service Information Standard (CASIS)

The CASIS is a voluntary agreement, reached in 2009, between NATA, representing the automotive aftermarket industry, and the two associations representing Canadian automobile manufacturers and distributors: the Canadian Vehicle Manufacturers Association (CVMA), and the Global Automakers of Canada (GAC). In 2011, the Automotive Industries Association (AIA) became a fourth signatory.

What Is the CASIS?

The CASIS was created to provide a framework for the auto manufacturers to share service and repair information with the automotive aftermarket industry on a level equivalent to information available to authorized dealerships.

Most repair facilities subscribe to third-party information systems such as Mitchell, Alldata, and Identifix, and for the most part, these products satisfy their day-to-day information needs.

However, when the information required is not available in those systems, or the repair cannot be completed without downloading a software update from the manufacturer and installing it in the vehicle, the only place to go is the OEM website. Furthermore, the auto manufacturers are continually updating their repair procedures, issuing position statements and other information, so to be sure you are following the most current procedures, the OEM websites are the only choice.

What Does the CASIS Do For Independent Automotive Professionals?​

The CASIS ensures you have access to those websites, so you can get all available information direct from the original source. NATA is the steward of the CASIS, ensuring that it continues to fulfill its mandate.

As well, NATA’s CASIS website,, contains a plethora of third-party information links to help you perform your vehicle repair jobs properly, safely, and efficiently.


Does the CASIS Agreement Need To Be Updated?

It is critical that information access keeps pace with advances in vehicle technology. Today’s automotive professionals deal with vehicle systems and components that did not exist in 2009 when the CASIS agreement was created. If the auto manufacturers wish to continue to support the spirit of the agreement, perhaps it is time to re-evaluate it to determine whether it still fulfills its original intent. This is the message NATA is bringing to the table as a member of the CASIS Task Force.

How You Can Help?

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