The National Automotive Trades Association


NATA: Reinventing Itself for the Times

If you work in any type of automotive business in Canada, regardless of your occupation, you should be a member of NATA, because it’s your professional association.

Become a NATA Automotive Professional Member:

Facsimile - membership cards are not issued at this time

Joining is easy, and so affordable!

Canadian Automotive Professionals can sign up  for just $20 (+GST) for the first year. New member registration is now open!

You know the old adage, there is strength in numbers! As we roll out the new NATA membership class for individual automotive professionals, we want to encourage you to join right away.

Accomplishing our goals requires funding. But membership dues alone are not enough. Even if you paid the standard $25 fee, and thousands of Canadian automotive professionals did the same, we would still need additional revenue streams. That will come by way of corporate sponsorship and other sources, which is part of our long-term strategy.

But right now, it is more important that we demonstrate we have the support of individual automotive professionals like you.
Strength in numbers!