The National Automotive Trades Association

About NATA

NATA: Reinventing Itself for the Times

This is not your father’s, or grandfather’s NATA, although it used to be…
NATA was formed in 1947 as an “association of associations” and is a registered not-for-profit corporation. Until recently, membership in NATA was restricted to the provincial and regional automotive associations across Canada. These association members represent independent automotive businesses within their respective jurisdictions. This class of member remains in NATA today.

But now, NATA is evolving to become much more than this.

Until now, there has been no national association representing and supporting individual automotive professionals in Canada. For the Canadian automotive industry to thrive, the grass roots people working in the industry must be supported. That means access to information, training, and other resources that make their jobs easier, safer, and more efficient.

NATA has created a new class of member just for them: the Canadian Automotive Professional, and you are now welcome to join.

Who Should Join?

All individuals working in automotive-related jobs are invited to join. That includes automotive sales, service and repair, parts and supplies, tools and equipment, training, towing, auto recycling, and any other automotive occupation.


  • Access to information:
    NATA brokered the agreement that allows the Canadian automotive aftermarket service and repair industry to access OEM diagnostic and repair information. Learn more about the CASIS agreement here »
  • The Canadian Vehicle Security Professional (VSP) program:
    NATA developed a program to qualify Canadian service professionals for access to vehicle security-related information such as key codes and immobilzer reset data. The program was launched in 2012. More recently, the program was shut down by the US VSP administrators. Learn more about the status of Canadian access to vehicle security data here »
  • Training & Education:
    NATA supports Red Seal Trade harmonization and the ongoing training necessary to keep up with automotive technology. Learn more about training & education here »
  • Advocacy:
    NATA communicates with the federal government on issues that impact Canadian automotive industry professionals. NATA is your voice in Ottawa.
  • Belonging:
    As stated, NATA is now the association for individual automotive service professionals. The more members NATA has, the louder your voice. Get behind NATA so NATA can expand its reach and grow even stronger in its ability to provide programs to support you. Join here »