The National Automotive Trades Association


NATA's Got Your Back!

Canadian automotive professionals face numerous challenges that interfere with their ability to do their jobs efficiently, safely and comfortably. Sometimes it has to do with regulations that have unintended consequences. That’s why you need a strong voice representing you in consultations with government and other stakeholders.

Who Speaks forYou and Your Peers?

NATA is connected, and by representing a substantial portion of the automotive industry professionals in Canada, NATA can amplify your voice thousands of times over and ensure the message is delivered and heard by the people in the best position to affect positive change where it is most needed. This includes the federal government.

The bottom line is that the industry needs a level playing field in order to stay in the game. As a NATA member, you can have input into the direction we take as we develop strategies to tackle your issues.

What Are Some of the Challenges?

  • Information Access: Information has become a valuable commodity, and that sometimes means that it is not universally available. That restricts competition and consumer choice. The CASIS agreement is a classic example of how NATA overcame an information access roadblock. NATA’s proposed solution of a voluntary agreement was backed by the federal government, but it didn’t come overnight, and not without a lot of time and resources spent. But that’s the kind of representation the industry needs, and why you should support NATA. Learn more about information access here »
  • Vehicle Security: On a related subject, you sometimes need access to vehicle security information. It may be as simple as the initialization of a component you replaced, but the vehicle manufacturer has identified that component as a security item, and only a franchised dealer can activate it. Learn more about vehicle security information here »
  • Training: With the rapid pace of automotive technology advancement, it is impossible to keep up without continuing education programs. NATA works with industry partners to develop training programs designed to help you succeed. Learn more about training & education here »