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The purpose of this request form is to assist in identifying gaps in availability of service information, tools and equipment information, collision repair information, training information, and vehicle security information as identified in, and covered by the CASIS agreement. It is a way for you to provide input that will help us ensure that the CASIS performs as intended.

While every attempt will be made to resolve your issue as quickly as possible, the review and response time may not be quick enough to help you complete a repair on a vehicle in your shop right now. That is not the primary intent of this process. The target turn-around time for responses to service information requests is two (2) business days.

Prior to using this Information Request Form, please ensure that you have taken all reasonable steps to access the information via the applicable OEM website. For service information requests, you must have subscribed to the OEM website, used the "Contact Us", "Support", "Help", or other similar link on that site to request the information and received what you believe to be an unsatisfactory response within five (5) business days (10 business days for Tool Information) from the OEM before filing a CASIS information request.

We also recommend that you review the record of previously filed information requests in case the subject of your request has already been covered.

All fields must be completed.

NAME (Contact name, shop name):



Vehicle Information:





Description of the repair you are unable to complete (as applicable). Please state customer complaint, cause, required correction.

What type of information can you not locate? (e.g., specific shop manual info, wiring diagram, etc.)

Please describe what efforts you have taken to obtain the information, including the user name you used for the OEM website and any other specific information that may assist us in addressing your request

NATA will review your Information Request to initially determine applicability and coverage under CASIS. If your Information Request appears valid and is complete, NATA will contact the OEM and attempt to resolve the issue. If the Information Request is not valid or is incomplete, NATA will inform you of the problem or deficiency in the request.

Next Steps
If the Service Information, Tool Information, or OEM Tool is determined to be available on the OEM website, the OEM will inform the Requester where it is located as soon as reasonably possible but no later than two (2) business days (fifteen (15) business days for Tool Information) after receiving the Information Request from NATA. The OEM will be encouraged to contact the Requester directly.

If the requested Service Information, Tool Information, or OEM Tool is determined to be available to Authorized Dealers, but has not been made generally available, the OEM will rectify the situation in accordance to the terms of the CASIS agreement.

If the OEM believes that the Information Request relates to an issue not covered by CASIS, it shall acknowledge the Information Request of the Requester with an appropriate explanation (e.g., the information does not exist, the information is proprietary such as licensed information from a third party, etc) no later than two (2) business days (twenty (20) business days for Tools Information) after receiving the Information Request.

If the Information Request is not resolved satisfactorily, within ten (10) business days the dissatisfied party may request that all information be forwarded by NATA to the Task Force for review by the appropriate Information Access Sub-Committee for review under the Information Request Review Process detailed in Section IV, C of the CASIS. The appropriate Sub-Committee must receive all information within three (3) business days from the request for review by the dissatisfied party.

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